This custom version of the Church Planter Profiles website has been created as a partnership between the Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma and Gateway Leadership Initiative to help potential planters discover their aptitude and readiness for church planting quickly and easily in an online environment.


The Baptist General Convention of Oklahoma (BGCO) is a partnership of churches serving together under the Lordship of Jesus Christ to impact lostness with the Gospel by making disciples of all people… Doing more together than we can do alone.

Church Planting in the BGCO goes back to the earliest days of our state when our convention of autonomous congregations was formed in 1906. Church Planters of all races, languages and walks of life plant with the BGCO. Churches that wish to affiliate with the BGCO are accepted based on their agreement with The Baptist Faith and Message, our statement of faith.

Through the generous financial support of churches giving to the Cooperative Program and the Oklahoma State Mission Offering, the BGCO Church Planting Group is able to serve as a key member of your church planting team. We resource church multiplication by providing planter assessment, training, coaching, networking, ongoing encouragement, accountability and financial support.

This website is to help with initial assessment of the lead planter and beyond. God has called many, but not all to leading a church plant. It is important to discover if this is your calling. We are committed to helping you discover that calling, but also to help in the rest of the process for a successful, sustainable, healthy, multiplying, BGCO church.

While this these assessment tools are a great place to begin, the most important connection is through relationships.  The members of the church planting group would welcome the opportunity to meet you, hear your heart and support you.  You can call us at (405) 942-3800 x4310 or contact us by email at churchplanting@bgco.org.

Visit us at: OklahomaChurchPlanting

Discover more about Southern Baptist vision, cooperation, education, social action and beliefs at: www.sbc.net

Gateway Leadership Initiative

Gateway Leadership Initiative's vision is to mobilize thousands of leaders to start new churches out of the culture - churches molded from messy people rising up out of the culture to become the Body of Christ. Our efforts are focused on:
  • Inspiring leaders to start new churches out of the culture.
  • Discovering leaders with the ability and experience needed for church planting.
  • Equipping leaders for starting new churches formed out of the culture.
  • Multiplying new churches as part of the reproducing movement.

If you have any questions regarding this site, please send an email to our support team.